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guillaume bourbon : Vocal / Guitars / Arrang. / Keyb. / Effects


Begins the piano at 7 and gets a taste for the stage by singing from time to time during comemorations, shows ...


At 15, he joined the "BAG" singing troop at St Gaudens high school (31).

At 17, joined the rock group "EXPRESS" until 22 (he also took the opportunity to accompany on second guitar during this period).


Then integrates the professional training "EPSILON" (variety orchestra from the South-West) for a season.


Guillaume is passionate, curious, hardworking and goes where he wants to go; he decides to devote himself to nursing studies and leaves to finish his studies in Toulouse to obtain the diploma of nurse anesthesiologist.


At 29, still with the same enthusiasm for music, he joined the Rock formation "Melting Potes Orchestra" from St Gaudens until today.


For a long time, he has wanted to mount an Electro-acoustic duo; Like what ... there are indeed paths naturally drawn by fate!


His musical influences: Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, The Beatles, BB King, Eric Clapton, Téléphone, Claude Nougaro, Toto ...

"Un grand merci à celles et à ceux qui nous permettent d'exprimer par la musique ce que nous nous efforçons de véhiculer chaque soir : la sincérité, la sensibilité, le partage... "

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